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The goodness of the mountain

Our solid roots extend deep into the Piedmont tradition and the ancestral knowledge of the historic “margari” – Piedmont cheesemakers. We from Montegrana propose the best cheeses from the best mountain cheese producers, who transform fresh milk from selected breeds each day. The goodness of the mountain and Piedmontese cheesemaking art comes in all forms.


formaggi montegrana


Our cheeses are the true expression of an uncontaminated territory: the Valle Grana, an enclosed dale that, from the Cuneo plain, rises up to the high pastures positioned at over 2000 metres above sea level. Beyond the historical trade routes, this valley is characterised by breath-taking landscapes, small hamlets and mountain communities boasting millennia of culture, elements that distinguish a territorial history that has always been tied to sheep-farming, alpine pastures and dairy farming activities.

Formaggi Montegrana

Buffalo Milk Cheese

Chiama Ora